Super Clap Policy

Super Clap (formerly known as Reader applause) lets creators earn revenue from readers who want to show appreciation for their content. Readers can buy a fun animation called Super clap on a blog or article. The one-time animation is only shown to the buyer over that content.

To ensure a fair and secure environment, participating users must adhere to the following terms.

Acceptance of Terms

You must accept and comply with the CollectLo Privacy Policy and CollectLo Terms of Services. It is essential to thoroughly understand and abide by these documents to ensure a transparent and trustworthy relationship between you and us.

Beta Participation Agreement

Users using Super Clap during its beta phase acknowledge that they are participating in a testing environment. They agree to provide feedback on their experiences and understand that certain features and policies may be subject to changes based on user input and platform requirements.

Super Clap Clarification

Super Clap is not a crowdfunding or donation tool. This is one of CollectLo's digital goods designed to show appreciation digitally. Additionally, you are responsible for understanding and fully complying with all applicable laws. This includes whether you can activate, make offers, send and receive money through Super Clap.

Earnings from Super Clap

Creators' earnings from Super Clap are determined by their membership plan. To gain clarity on their earnings structure, creators are encouraged to review the details of their membership plan.

Termination of Access

The platform reserves the right to terminate access to Super Clap on any account if there is a breach of policies, violations of terms, or any other misuse activities.


Please visit our Help Center with any questions regarding the Services, or submit a support ticket with any questions regarding these Terms. You may also contact us by email at [email protected].