Sifting Facts from Fiction: Debunking Dental Myths - by Dr Bidushi Ganguli - CollectLo

Sifting Facts from Fiction: Debunking Dental Myths

Dr Bidushi Ganguli - CollectLo

Dr Bidushi Ganguli

Content Writer

3 min read . Aug 26 2023


During my professional journey, I encountered a multitude of friends and family who just couldn't seem to contain their overwhelming enthusiasm for dental appointments! Their profound love for avoiding the dentist and the myths surrounding it truly enriches my professional journey.

I figured, Why not unravel dental myths? It's a real treat to encounter friends and family who adore avoiding dentists.

1. Sugar is the Sole Cause of cavities: Sure thing! So, here's the deal: Sugar is not the only troublemaker for cavities. It's like a tag team: sugar and bacteria. Just remember the golden rule: brush twice a day. That’s non-negotiable.

2. The harder the tooth brush bristle, the better: Think a tougher toothbrush is your teeth's hero? Nope! It's like a villain in disguise. Brushing hard with a lot of pressure or using a hard-bristle tooth brush damages the outer layer of your teeth. Go gentle with soft bristles and mild toothpaste; otherwise, your wallet and enamel will both scream at the dentist’s office.

3. Replace Fluoride: I've stumbled upon some misleading web tales bashing fluoride toothpaste. Here's the scoop: a bit of fluoride is good; tons are bad. In moderation, it's okay; overdosing damages bones and teeth. Toothpaste has fluoride to prevent cavities, especially for kids. Look, if your teeth sport snowy caps or odd white-brown spots, that's fluorosis, which is caused by consuming fluoride-rich water as a kid, which is not really your fault if your water contains high fluoride. You can still use fluoride toothpaste; just don't eat it or let your kids have a taste.

4. Dental Scaling weakens the teeth: Scaling's a gum hero, booting out dirt and bacteria. If your gums bleed like a drama queen, dash to the dentist! Scaling does cause sensitivity, but that’s temporary; desensitizing toothpaste is the cure. Now, if you have a disease called periodontitis and  and your oral hygiene's on a vacation, the gunk might give your gums trouble while still gripping your teeth tight. If your teeth play loose already thanks to periodontitis(a fancy naming disease which is like the end-stage of your bleeding gums), scaling might give them an encore. It could hint at needed intensive care.

5. Whiter the teeth the healthier: The notion that only pearly white teeth signify good health? Let's clear that up. Enamel rocks the white, and beneath it, dentin carries a touch of yellow. A slight whitish-yellow vibe? Totally fine – that's nature's beauty. Now, if your teeth shift from yellow to brown, it's detective time – consult an expert. Otherwise, relax. Your teeth aren't aiming to be snow-white; they're just being their natural selves.

6. You Don't Need to Visit the Dentist if Your Teeth Look Fine: Dental issues often lurk unseen, only causing unbearable pain when neglected. Prioritize early detection and cure to spare yourself a future filled with frequent dental trips, mouth discomfort, and hefty expenses. Include regular dental checkups in your busy schedule, at least once a year. If you have systemic problems like diabetes or high blood pressure, aim for visits every six months. Believe me, your mouth mirrors your overall health.

So with purpose and precision, I hope these few points will eradicate a couple of common dental myths and misconceptions.