Banish Dandruff Naturally: Biotique Neem Dandruff Shampoo Review - by Ishpreet Kaur - CollectLo

Banish Dandruff Naturally: Biotique Neem Dandruff Shampoo Review

Ishpreet Kaur - CollectLo

Ishpreet Kaur

Content Writer

2 min read . Feb 10


Say goodbye to pesky dandruff with Biotique Neem Dandruff Shampoo, a natural solution crafted to cleanse and nourish your scalp while effectively combating flakes. In this review, we'll delve into the ingredients, performance, and overall effectiveness of this herbal remedy.

1. Herbal Ingredients:

- Neem: Renowned for its antibacterial and antifungal properties, neem helps alleviate scalp irritation and combat dandruff-causing microbes.

- Reetha: Also known as soapnut, reetha gently cleanses the scalp, removing impurities and excess oil without stripping away natural moisture.

- Bhringraj: Rich in nutrients, bhringraj promotes scalp health and strengthens hair follicles, reducing hair fall and promoting healthy growth.

2. Performance:

- Cleansing Power: Biotique Neem Dandruff Shampoo effectively removes dirt, oil, and product buildup from the scalp, leaving it feeling clean and refreshed.

- Dandruff Control: With regular use, this shampoo helps reduce dandruff flakes and itching, thanks to the potent blend of neem and other herbal extracts.

- Scalp Nourishment: Unlike harsh chemical shampoos, Biotique's herbal formula nourishes the scalp, promoting a healthy environment for hair growth.

3. Natural Fragrance and Texture:

- Fragrance: The shampoo has a refreshing herbal scent derived from its natural ingredients, which leaves a pleasant aroma lingering on the hair.

- Texture: The consistency of the shampoo is neither too thick nor too runny, making it easy to lather and distribute evenly across the scalp.

4. Overall Experience:

- Effectiveness: Biotique Neem Dandruff Shampoo delivered on its promise to combat dandruff, I have been suffering from dandruff for a very long time and nothing seemed to work but then I was introduced to biotique shampoo that not only removed dandruff but gave my scalp moisture that was long lost .

- Scalp Health: The herbal ingredients work gently yet effectively to improve scalp health, reducing the occurrence of dandruff and promoting overall hair wellness.

- Natural Formulation: Free from harsh chemicals like sulfates and parabens, this shampoo is a safe and gentle option for those seeking natural solutions for dandruff.


Biotique Neem Dandruff Shampoo offers a holistic approach to dandruff control, harnessing the power of nature to cleanse, nourish, and soothe the scalp. With its herbal ingredients and effective formula, this shampoo is a must-have for anyone struggling with dandruff issues. Say hello to healthy, flake-free hair with Biotique Neem Dandruff Shampoo!