Acceptance – An Important aspect of life towards better mental health and emotional well being  - by Jasmine Bhatia - CollectLo

Acceptance – An Important aspect of life towards better mental health and emotional well being

Jasmine Bhatia - CollectLo

Jasmine Bhatia

Content Writer

3 min read . Aug 17 2023


To entirely admit things and people as they are without intending to change them as per our wishes and demands is Pure Acceptance.

  • I love you the way you are.
  • Being yourself makes you unique.
  • You need not change for anyone else.

These statements are magical. They make both the speaker and the listener feel lighter. There lies no pressure in relationships to forcefully dwell in the space of the other.

Is acceptance easy or tough to handle? 

Accepting reality is not an easy task for anyone but the best part is that it is not impossible though. Being born as a human, certain facts about individuals and circumstances can become difficult to digest due to our set habits, nature, and ego but by reviving a few simple yet effective techniques, one can achieve the path of Acceptance. 

Understanding is the first step to acceptance, and only with acceptance can there be recovery. ' 

                                                                                                            J.K Rowling

Life is beautiful and empowering provided we allow ourselves to flow in the situations it puts us in. When we try to go against the law of nature, we fall into the trap of unhappiness. Acceptance is a key ingredient for good mental health and emotional well-being.

Power and Importance of Acceptance

1) Cease the blame game

Acceptance welcomes the truth that no individual or no factor (self or outside) is responsible for the circumstance that you are going through. It's just that certain times are difficult to pass through but the beauty is time heals everything and once we master the art of acceptance, we become mature enough not to complain about situations and individuals in our life.

2) Sense and feel the effect of the pinch a little less (minimal) than it would be otherwise

Once we owe every moment to live with Acceptance, we live without regrets and embrace every second good or bad life gives us. We learn to live in the present. During our troublesome period, the pinch and pain of the suffering are felt minimal as we accept it the way it is. This is with the belief that over a while eventually, the storm will subside. Hence, negative thoughts stay away from the one who knows to accept them. 

3) Brings life back on track

The mood swings, the anxiety and the tension slowly vanish when we become calm and poised. Our brain starts to look at solutions to the problem and if there is no suction to it, then completely surrendering synchronizes the job of setting things right. Things start moving reasonably well and acceptance eases the process to bring everything to its right place or we learn to live life even without it. 

4) Immune to disastrous changes

The beauty of life is that it is unpredictable and not everything goes as planned. Real Acceptance acts as a shield of immunity to the crisis as we accept that at any single moment, things can be different and we are ready to face the challenges with courage and bravery. 

5)Limited edition of happiness to always being happy –

Usually, we fall into the trap of searching for happiness in all that we want in life like a highly materialistic item, a joyous destination to travel to, or a hike in position in the job. Still, all of these become temporary as once it is achieved, we look for more but Acceptance brings a sense of fulfilment and satisfaction within us which moves us to be always happy with whatever and whomever we have in life. 

Learn the art of Acceptance

  • Acceptance requires us to be flexible and not too rigid over sudden complex matters or individuals.
  • Acceptance brings Solace in life with the practice of a positive mindset and finding a way out through patience.
  •  Acceptance makes us stronger by sometimes Surrendering ourselves to uncontrollable, tricky situations.
  •  Acceptance paves the way to conquer fear and anxiety.

Simple practices to implement self-acceptance as a part of your life

·        Practice affirmative sentences

a)     I am happy with the way I am

b)    I am confident enough

c)      I am in the flow of life.

·        Judging does not help

Judging yourself or others will not help us grow, instead healing ourselves from within will self-care will heal us.

·        Implement Forgiveness in your lifestyle –

Mistakes are a part of life. If we haven't done any mistakes, it only means we haven't attempted to do anything.

·        Being grateful

The pandemic has given humanity a big lesson about feeling blessed and satisfied with what we have. The attitude of being grateful takes us a step closer to the Acceptance of life.

·        Practice mindfulness

Being attentive to every single moment makes us open to everything and makes the most of all that is available to us. This simple exercise directs us to a path of self-acceptance. 

When you practice acceptance, you begin to release resistance and reconnect to love. 

                                                                                            Gabby Bernstein