Double the Deliciousness: Savor the Joy of 2 Street Food Delights - by Akshi Agrawal - CollectLo

Double the Deliciousness: Savor the Joy of 2 Street Food Delights

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Double the Deliciousness: Savor the Joy of 2 Street Food Delights!

Street food is a source of comfort for especially Indians. It has a special and exquisite aroma when it touches your body “WOW” and “YUM” words just slip out of your mouth. It's just a blessing to both your eyes and taste buds. Let’s begin the journey of 2 mouthwatering street foods we often find on our way.

1)Aloo Tikki

Normally, we call it “Aloo ki Tikiya”. It is popular in Northern states, especially in Lucknow. We find it in almost every other Indian function for its exceptional flavors and spices and is full of tangy twisty sauces.

The infusion of aromatic spices and tangy sauces on the palate creates a harmonious symphony of diverse flavors and textures. 

Aloo Tikki is made of mashed potatoes combined with other vegetables like tomato, onion, chilli also peas and they are in the shape of flattened discs “tikkis” After being fried they turn into the color of golden brown and are commonly served in sauces or chutney many a times it involves yogurt too garnished with coriander on above the dish and ready to devour.   

This assortment of foods knows no boundaries, as the wealthy culinary diversity of India has given rise to an abundance of chaat dishes, each drawing inspiration from the distinct regions within the country.

It shows the perfect balance between joy and comfort, even spicy and sweet, with its “chutney”.

2) Pani Puri 

The renowned street food in India is being with many other different names like “puchka”, “golgappe”, “patashi”, “padake” etc.

It is by no means uniform or even commonplace anywhere.

It resembles a harmonious orchestration of sensory experiences.

Whenever there is a conversation brought up of street food mention of pani puri is never missed and it has reserved its place in the people’s hearts since eternity.

In the process of formulation, we make a hole in the puri's surface with your forefinger, stuff it with your preferred filling, such as mashed potatoes, sprouts, finely chopped onions, or mushy peas, and then quickly dip it into tamarind and spicy green chutney liquids. 

The fiery potato filling, the tangy tamarind water, the crisp mint chutney, and the crisp puri. Your taste receptors sing in unison after each bite as a crescendo of sensations.

Its specialty brings people together no matter how rich or poor he/she is and also The vendor’s customer base spans age groups and social strata.

When we consume it pani puri is already slightly soaked  - it crumbles in the mouth and the sauces floe out, filling the breath and clearing the sinuses at the same time

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