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Biswajeet Srkr

A Professional Content Writer| Blogger| SEO Writer

I am a professional Content Writer and Blogger. I am an expert in Content Writing, Blogging, Keyword Research and SEO

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About Me

My name is Biswajit Sarkar and I am specialised in Content Writing, Blogging, SEO Writing, Copy Writing and Keyword Research. I am a professional and certified Content Writer and Blogger. I have more than 5 years of experience in Content Writing and Blogging.

What I Do

Quality Content Writing

This is 2024 and nowadays AI is everywhere but whenever it comes to Content Writing, AI may harm your content by decreasing it's quality. That's why I always promise to my clients that they will always get 💯 % genuine content by me.

Expert S.E.O Writing Service

I have the S.E.O knowledge since last 5 years. I know the tricks that how a content will rank on Google. So, choose my unique S.E.O writing service.

Keyword Research

Keyword research is an art and it develops with experience. I have the 5 years of experience in keyword research. I always use paid tools for keyword research.


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