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Kamalesh Kumar Maurya

I am PhD scholar, Translator and Content Writer

I am a Phd Scholar at the department of english, BHU Varanasi. Currently working as a translator in the ministry of culture, Govt of india.

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About Me

I am a passionate English Literature enthusiast with a master's degree, specializing as and Ph.D. scholar in the exploration of diverse socio-cultural topics. With a keen intellect and a gift for words, they craft insightful critical articles that shed light on the complex tapestry of our world.

What I Do

Content Writer

I am a dynamic content writer, specializing in the English language, literature, culture, and politics. With a keen analytical mind and a mastery of language, they craft engaging articles that explore the intricate intersections of these subjects.


I am a skilled translator bridging the linguistic and cultural divide between English and Hindi. With a deep understanding of both languages.


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