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I am a content writer, aspiring copy writer and SMM

I write quality and easy-to-understand content on astrology, psychology, and spirituality to educate my audience about a topic that may appear tiresome.

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About Me

While everyone is busy devouring technological bliss and virtual realities, I, still stuff my head and heart with old letters and poems. I love to read and write like breathing in and out. To keep in touch with harsh reality I work as a Social Media Marketer for a startup. In my free time, I am a not-so-social friend, a movie enthusiast, a craftsperson, a bathroom singer, and a nature lover. To feed my passion I am here. Let's see how long I can sail with my boat, rocking incessantly. So, get ready to read some stuff that feels like vacation.

What I Do

content writer

I like to use simple words without any flowery language exhibition, as my purpose is to educate the audience. I like to incorporate storytelling in my content so that it can trigger the emotional factors of my audience and keep them hooked. My niche is psychology astrology and spirituality but I'm open to other niches.

copy writer

Recently, I have introduced myself to the world of copywriting and it has appeared to be quite intriguing so far. I want to explore this skill of mine as it is mostly untapped as of now. Given the fact that I like to focus on the psychology of my audience, I can prove to be a good copywriter if I am given the chance.

Social Media Marketer

Professionally, I am a social media marketer for a startup where I produce bite-size content and graphics for their Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and Quora accounts. With my ability to learn and adjust to new things, I have proved to be quite essential for the company.


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