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Mani Tyagi

I am a law student

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About Me

I am law student who is passionate to write on various topics. I like to read from various sources and create my own opinion about ongoing things and also make sure to write truth of the matter. I am interested in writing about motivation, meditation,social dogma and may such arenas.

What I Do

write about culture, festivals

we all are well connected to our cultures and talking and knowing more about it is always full of excitement and passion. i like writing about it.


today is the world of hustle and we all forget to live for ourselves, rather we just breathe and work all day. it is important to talk about one can keep themselves up in terms of healthy life and work.

travel and adventure

we have this huge world to go around but we all are so busy that we forget to enjoy and look at the nature. i talk about this to have a little spark in life and get away from boring life


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