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Bullying and its Repercussions!

Neha Tekwani  - CollectLo

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If you're a teen in school, a new student in college, a mere ordinary individual going by the day then you must have heard of the term bullying.

If not, then let me define this term in a simpler form for you so that if you encounter it next time, you know what's happening and how not to let the bunch of spoilt brats to coerce you mistrust yourself and your decision making to be a good individual.

Bullying is a form of abuse or mental harassment done by people or more popularly called as bullies who perceive themselves to be superior to the bullied. They've a false perception of themselves as the all-knowing which they tend to project on others and in absence of acceptance by the bullied, they even resort to physical assault on the wards. To demonstrate aggressive behavior with the intention to hurt or malign the image of the ward or their belief in themselves is the primary definition of bullying.

Behavior forms the crux of the human being and if you've understood this, then you will definitely get the idea that the bullies don't have a conscience. Their aim is to be entertained at the expense of your emotional and mental stability.

While they're at this heinous job of mistreating you verbally or through the power of technology, they push aside the logical thinking and its repercussions on you. 

You're obviously scarred for life if you get bullied in school or in your social circles. Often, you may not realize that your friends are bullies too when they hide their obnoxious traits behind the mask of a funny friend.

'Not all teasing is good teasing and not everyone likes to be teased.'  

You might've thought of this phrase yourself when you experienced jeering during your picnic or on your day out or in at work. But you let it pass instead of calling out to the person for they were either a relative, a co-worker, family, peer or a close friend.

How many times you came across through this friendly teasing which internally you found odd and didn't have a response to for it's not your core nature to belittle or demean. You will probably be called dumb for showing your dislike against the speakers but you've a right to dismiss them right away. 

Snide comments about your physical appearance, health, work, beliefs, genders, color, personality, relationships are never okay. You're not obligated to nod your head to your bullies. You're required to call them out for being a hypocrite because they wouldn't like the same behavior from you. 

Forcing you to admit that their prejudice against you is fair is a narcissistic personality disorder. Bullies are in short narcissistic too for they can't digest anyone's admiration for you, and they seek to employ means to kill your confidence. The bully considers your silence to be a sign of victory for they've made you speechless with their actions while highlighting their boastful actions and derogatory methods to question your kind nature. 

'Adults are the worse bullies.' 

There are likely chances that a child who was a bully will turn a bigger bully in his/her adulthood. It shows from where they're coming but now even, you're an adult, wiser and smarter to not keep quiet but revolt against them although a part of you, wishes for things to be different.

Your mental health had already suffered a huge setback before, your overall mindset has been affected; for years you have had sleepless nights, and the fear has become a permanent factor of your subconscious mind. Trauma defines your speech. 

There's a keen desire in you to not repeat the history but you're certain that if your childhood bully is back then you must make the right call to the anti-bullying helpline and say 'NO' to bullies.

You matter!  Your voice matters and you must raise it to end their intimidation and mistreatment of YOU! 

Don't live another day getting bullied. Stand up to your bully or bullies with the help of a group or community which knows better and does better. 

It was not okay then, and it won't be okay on any other time or day.

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