How to get ideas for your next blog post? - by Neha Tekwani  - CollectLo

How to get ideas for your next blog post?

Neha Tekwani  - CollectLo

Neha Tekwani

Content Writer

3 min read . Oct 13 2023


No matter your niche, if you create content as a way of living then having ideas is a mandatory job description. You can't get around a good idea unless you're a great creator. Ideas for writers are like a sip of fresh orange juice; despite the numerous times you've tasted it, it's still a nectar to your tastebuds. That's how raw ideas are like for the creator's mind. Now, if you're a creator, you must have already encountered a block in your creativity. It's natural. It happens to the best of us.

Often it happens that you suffer from a writer's block for weeks, days or months. You're merely stuck in a loop and regardless of trying to come up with strategies, you're blank; you're uncertain on how to get that raw appeal to create your next big post.

You're trying to lighten up the bulb of your brain. Boom! It explodes but you lack consistency and connection with your own write-up.  

Don't worry. I have got you offered and trust me after you try these few ways, you will never feel unaccomplished with your creator's block.  

1. Read

One thing that every creator needs to do is read a lot. Read every kind of content despite your taste from good to bad. Crap to best. Worse to Great. When you read without a break, your mind is always in a flow of ascertaining words and scenarios which helps the creative margarita flowing right away. 

2. Explore

If you're a traveler, then explore your settings with a keen vision. A story is passing by you every minute and if you've the eye of a hawk then you can't miss that old lady hopping on the pavement under the storm or a little family chattering their car while going to their picnic spot.

You can't miss the posts and reels on social media. That friend of yours who is newly wedded is posting about his struggles as a new husband. Don't you think, you can get an idea right from what's happening in the lives of your near and dear ones. Or you went to a vacation last year, and you spent the days in bed because you got flu. There, you've the experience of missing out on a great trip due to unexpected sickness but your siblings toured around and briefed you about it. Won't your imagination fantasize those evenings on the hill station. Sure, you will. 

3. Get set Go 

It's an obvious thing that when you're unable to focus on work your mind can't wither away from the stress and you might want to stay home alone. But if you think that would sort out your issue then you're wrong.

The more you go out in the environments which makes you uncomfortable and has your nostrils flaring up, there are more chances for your interest to get piqued up by little ominous things. Whether be it a deserted hut or that last lamp in your neighborhood. It's bound to catch your attention and you never know when your next post might be born out of nothing. 

4. Take Advices from your audience

If you're an active participant in events or social media, then you can always ask people on what interests them most in the present time. You write for your audience so why not approach them to help you directly. 

There are million things which get people excited and a million things which even make them angry. List both of them and shortlist through a ranking system and you can have the next set of topics to write about. 

5. Research

Every good story becomes successful only because the author has researched facts and ideologies. Research in old books and magazines. History also has some hidden secrets, and you probably have the chance to unveil a few by being curious to know about even the topics which don't interest you. 

So, here are few things from me.

I hope you got a brainstorming session and are now equipped with various ways to avoid being restless when you face shortage of ideas because now you've the perfect list to continue digging. Keep writing. Keep reading.