Writing: A cave or a Canvas? - by Neha Tekwani  - CollectLo

Writing: A cave or a Canvas?

Neha Tekwani  - CollectLo

Neha Tekwani

Content Writer

2 min read . Oct 03 2023


You know after you finish graduation, there's a smile on your face on ticking off the third greatest accomplishment of your life. The first and second being the high school and intermediate results.

Now, that you're free to call yourself an adult by the natural decorum, you must get started with your writing journey for which you've been waiting for years but you didn't have the time to turn your passion into a successful career. 

Prose, the wondrous dream of souls and poetries, the lyrical tune of hearts. What would you not do to simply enter this cave of words at the end of the tunnel and convert them into a holographic canvas for the generation to come.

The ideas are seemingly flowing like a river and all that's left is for you to find that sweet-sweet spot inside this cave to begin penning down the mysteries. Unburdening the load of emotions curled up at the back of the mind is a dilemma of every human being and you finally, have the chance to hit the stigma and empty the barrel of your conscience.

A million years ago, precisely 66 million years ago, dinosaurs went extinct and someone in Hollywood came up with a remarkable idea to introduce us to the world of dinosaurs by creating the magnificent history of Jurassic Park films. If the thing that had no life can get a life through the modern means, then what's the conflict in between you and your penmanship?

Why not take the pen and jot down every passing fancy no matter how insane or humane and let your voice earn a title amidst the masses who want nothing but content.

Tons of content has taken shelter inside the cage of your mind, yet you silence it on the hush-hush nights.

How is it fair to you or to the voices in your head who're strangely creepy and venomous at times but they're not estranged thoughts to be left in the soil. They're the companion of your body, they're the feelings which require utmost attention and the emotions that need to be nurtured. 

The words are your stories and writing these stories is your charm. Imagine, on a rainy evening, you walk-out of the house, hand-in-hand with your loved one and all you could think is how good it would be if you carried a notebook to paint the feels of this date, to take note of everything important your partner tells you, and to picture your imaginative outing in words, surpassing boundaries and barriers. 

It's a cave yet a canvas of life, love, reality, freedom and peace.