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Niharika Rajput

An Entrepreneur building it Publicly.

I create social media content around business, entrepreneurship, money etc. and my brand "AG-KREATIVES" provides engaging video marketing and editing services.

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About Me

I am constantly Interested about Business,startups, entrepreneurship, money making, filmmaking and acting too(yeah I have diverse range of interests). I have already been an entrepreneur and an educator for past 5 years now and currently building my venture "Avowal Greens aka AG" and "AG-KREATIVES - a video marketing services company".

What I Do


"It's engaging", this is the end feeling you get delivered when videos are edited by AG-KREATIVES. We are a team of highly professional video editors and marketers who have worked with great brands like HP & Coca-Cola.


To provide you with eye catchy graphic designs for your social media I put all my creativity and try my best to resonate with your brand and audience.

Video Marketing Solutions

Our expert team has outgrown very famous youtube channels like "THE PEEPAL'S FARM" from few hundered followers their 1st million and now we already know the game.So If you want to grow brand with the content game we are the perfect team for you.


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