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Nilakshi Garg

Content writer and marketer with an experience of 6-7 years.

I write blogs and articles on various topics and niches

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About Me

I am a content marketer with an experience of 6-7 years. I have also published two books on Amazon.

What I Do

SEO Content Writing

I write articles and blogs for the purpose doing SEO for the client's brand. These blogs are rich in on-page SEO and helpful in increasing the rank of the brand in Google SERPs. These SEO articles are free from grammar errors and plagiarism.

Authored Articles and Blogs

I can write on-page blogs for your brand and help you chisel and sharpen your personal experience as an expert of the subject matter. These blogs help you in improving your personal branding as well.

LinkedIn Articles

Be the thought leader of a niche with the well-researched and opionated articles to publish on LinkedIn and get the traction and engagement you aspire to gain with the content that speaks through the lens of your personality and perspectives.


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