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Abhishek Saraswat

Writer, Blogger & a Marketing Wizard!

Content Writer, Travel Blogger & On-Page SEO Expert

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About Me

Abhishek Saraswat is an acclaimed travel writer, influential blogger, and skilled photographer known for his captivating storytelling and visually stunning captures, with a globally renowned blog, Nomadic Wizard.

What I Do

SEO Writing Services

Producing search engine optimized content to improve website visibility and organic traffic through the use of targeted keywords and proper formatting.


Writing persuasive and impactful copy for marketing materials like advertisements, sales pages, brochures, email campaigns, and product descriptions.

Ghost Writing

Assisting individuals, experts, or thought leaders in writing books, e-books, speeches, or articles without receiving credit.

Website Content Writing

Developing compelling and persuasive copy for websites, including homepage content, about pages, product descriptions, and landing pages.


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