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How to answer the most difficult interview questions?



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2 min read . Oct 17 2023


Getting ready for interviews is important, but sometimes you'll encounter questions you can't answer, even with all your preparation. Here's how to handle those moments:

💭Take Your Time and Be Honest:

When you face a challenging question, take a moment to think before responding.

It's okay to admit that you don't have the answer. Say something like, "I haven't encountered this situation before, but I would start by asking these questions..." or "That concept is new to me, so I'll need to research it further."

🗣Think Aloud:

Hiring managers often ask tough questions to gauge your problem-solving skills.

After a pause, explain how you'd approach the problem. Use words like "first," "then," and "lastly" to structure your response.

Show flexibility by mentioning that your approach may vary depending on the situation.


If you're stuck on a specific skill, redirect the conversation to something you're more familiar with.

For example, if asked about social media marketing, mention your experience in related areas like social media community management or print marketing.

📚Have a Fail-Safe Answer:

Prepare for questions that you can't answer on the spot by highlighting your enthusiasm for the role and industry.

Mention that you're actively learning and staying informed about the company and industry.

📩Use the Opportunity to Follow Up:

If you can't provide an immediate answer, offer to follow up by email with a well-researched response after the interview.

Send a thank you email, saying something like, "I've thought about your question and believe this would be a good solution..." to show your commitment and engagement with the role.

Handling challenging interview questions is a common experience, and the strategies outlined here can help you navigate such situations gracefully. Have you ever faced a similar situation and applied these options? We'd love to hear from you in the comments.

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