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Vaibhavi Athwale

I am a Copywriter with strong sense of words.

I write compelling stories , which are creative enough for readers to halt and engage with my content.

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About Me

I am an innovative thinker and creative writer. I possess immense passion for advertising and wish to pursue my career as a copywriter. I have strong sense of words and acquainted with it's use to achieve outcome-driven results.

What I Do

Content Writer

I have written the content for official website of the firm. I write engaging content which help consumer get the insights of that firm or brand.

Feature Writer

I have worked as a freelance feature writer for MGM University. I have written articles for their newspaper as well as their issue named MGM Inspire.

Fiction Writer

I have immense attraction towards fiction writing. I am an Escapist, who use fiction to escape from reality. One of my story named 'Known Stranger' got published by Writer's pocket in their anthology named Tangled Tales.


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