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I help Brand & Peoples with Content & Copy Writing for their Brand & Social Media based on their Needs/requirements

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Hi, I am a Content and Copy Writer with a background as Accountant. Present I am pursuing Course by My Captain - Content & Copywriting Pro, where I have got a chance of practical exposure to SEO writing, Content Marketing, Social Media Content Creation, Content Strategy/Calendar and a lot more! to prove myself, I am currently looking for a Fresh Opportunities as a freelancing opportunity to put my skills to use and build a career as handling content research, proofreading, and creative writing. I am ambitious, handwork person who has an eager in learning something new. I have a huge interest in digital marketing and content creating. as a Content & Copy Writer.

What I Do

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My writing portfolio is a proof to my content writing. It provides a holistic view of my versatility, ranging from compelling persuasive copy to informative and engaging articles, demonstrating my ability to cater to a diverse range of contents


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