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Sheershak Tripathi

Passionate and Innovative Screenwriter and Content Writer

Creating Captivating Narratives and Driving Organic Traffic

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About Me

Passionate Screenwriter & SEO Content Writer with 2 years of experience in both fields. Deep understanding of script development, screenplay structure, and character creation. Skilled in crafting captivating narratives for readers and optimizing content for search engines. Conducts thorough keyword research for maximum visibility and organic traffic. Committed to innovation, originality, and delivering awe-inspiring stories that resonate with audiences. Strives for excellence, blending creativity and optimization in every project.

What I Do


Passionate and versatile screenwriter with expertise in comedy, slice of life, and relatable storytelling. I bring a unique blend of wit, charm, and authenticity to my scripts, ensuring an entertaining and relatable experience for viewers.


I write engaging and informative articles across various genres, including how-to guides, informative pieces, listicles, product reviews, industry news, and thought leadership. I specialize in creating relatable SEO-friendly content.

SEO Content Writing

I specialize in SEO content writing: keyword research, optimizing articles, meta tags, and headings. Crafting captivating narratives that drive organic traffic and improve search engine rankings.

Short Story

I excel in short story writing, crafting concise and captivating narratives that transport readers into intriguing worlds. With a focus on character development and impactful storytelling, I create immersive experiences for the readers.


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