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Izumi Uchiha

I'm a content writer | script writer | illustrator..etc..

I'm looking for online jobs ... Doesn't matter official or not i can work for u personally if u pay me worthy of my work... Feel free to contact me on my insta.

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About Me

I'm a teenager and content writer script writer ... I'm looking for online jobs to meet my expenses on my own .....my personal genre for writing or script writing is .. soft love , action , mafia life and etc...i joined this platform to meet suitable clients for my work and who can pay me worthy of my work without delaying., if anyone wanna contact me related to any business queries feel free to dm me on my insta page mentioned ... thank you..

What I Do

Content writer | script writer | artist.

I'm a tenager looking forward to meet clients thta are interested to hire me for their works not just here if anyone is interested to hire me personally for their and interested to pay me for that .. feel free to contact me through my insta page ...


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