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Sthitimoyee Saha

Im a Content writer/Seo content manager

Im a project trainee in seo , content writing and management in chegg india and also instagram influencer with 12k followers.

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About Me

Im currently working as a project trainee in seo /content writing and management in Chegg India. Apart from that I'm a singer, a passionate cook and baker, i do take orders occassionally. Im also an instagram influencer with 12k plus following. I have graduated with a ba in English and served as CR.

What I Do

Seo optimisation , content writing

Implementing seo strategies to optimise content and enhance the visibility and ranking of content in google serp therby increasing organic traffic.

Content writing and management

Through my work processes page view in last three months have increased by 16percent.

Research skills in content writing

My skills in finding content gaps through competitor analysis and by incorporating those gaps in the contents have helped in increasing impression rate by 1.5 M and helped in ranking 13 pages in top 3


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