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What Is Chhath Puja? The Concept behind Celebrating Chhath Puja

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In Jharkhand, Bihar, and eastern UP in India as well as Nepal, Chhath Puja is celebrated with a lot of excitement. It is also referred to as Chhathi, Chhath, Surya Shashti, Chhath Parv, Dala Chhath, and Pratihar. On this day, women fast to Chhhathi Maiya and Lord Surya for their families and kids. They pray for the well-being of their children and family as well as for their progress and prosperity.

The Concept behind the Puja

Pandavas and Draupadi, as per the mythology of Hindus, used to follow the Chhath Puja. They performed this ritual to solve their problems and get back their kingdom. Others including Karan, who was the son of Kunti, and Lord Surya were known to perform this Puja. During Mahabharat, he controlled the Anga Desh, which is currently known as Bhagalpur in Bihar. After performing the Chhath puja, Sita Maiya was blessed with sons Luv and Kush.

The Sun is the main energy source of the planet. Each organism, small or big, invisible or visible, immobile or mobile acquires energy from the sun.

The puja is performed 2 times in a year. The one performed in the Chaitra month is known as Chaiti Chhath. The other one is performed in the Kartik month and is one of the biggest days to celebrate.

How Chhath Puja is Celebrated?

The puja is perceived for 4 days. Nahaay Khay is the 1st day when people take a holy bath. Devotees also clean their homes and living things. Pure Satwik meal is prepared which includes Bengal gram lentils and bottle-gourd (loki). It is served with rice as bhog or prasad.

Lohanda or Rasiaav Roti is the 2nd day which is referred to as Kharna. On this day, people don’t consume even a drop of water. In the evening, they consume kheer or rasiaav which is made from roti or rasiaav.

On the third day, Sanjhka Aragh, people prepare bhog or prasad the whole day. They give it as Argha to the sun in the evening at a pond or a riverbank. The bhog or prasad includes Khajuria, Tikri (Thekua) along with other food items. Coconut, banana, and fruits are the prime ingredients of other items that are given to the sun as arghya. These items are strictly prepared without garlic and onion. Also, non-vegetarian food is not allowed in the home during the days of the puja.

Bhorka Aragh is the 4th day. This day is quite the same as the 3rd day. The only difference is that the arghya is given to the sun in the morning time instead of evening.