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Aratrik Tarafdar

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Freelance content writer to meet all your requirements at one go

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About Me

I am a student currently pursuing my medical degree with a passion for writing. I have been working as a freelance writer for over a period of 1 year and specialise in writing blog posts, Youtube scripts and articles. I have a wide range of expertise that skirts past several topics although my favourites include geopolitics, History, medicine, science and lifestyle. For me writing is how I define myself everyday

What I Do

Experienced CRM writer

Improve your software ratings with a complete review of your software that is bound to attract investors

Expert youtube script writer

Meet the expectations of your followers and open newer fan channels with gripping YouTube scripts that are bound to make a splash

Expert Ghost writer

Out of ideas?? Hand it over to a ghost writer who can take the front seat and drive a while


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