A beautiful insight and learning from Nature - by Jasmine Bhatia - CollectLo

A beautiful insight and learning from Nature

Jasmine Bhatia - CollectLo

Jasmine Bhatia

Content Writer

2 min read . Sep 28 2023


Nature is adorned with lush greenery, making it a pleasant place to relax under a shady tree or take a walk.  Walking in a park is a treat to the eyes and at the same time a boon for health. Sharing of our past experience of the pandemic effect on our lives. The pandemic affected us in more than one way and one restriction and effect was the imposition of shutting down the parks. However, once everything was under control, there was a beautiful insight I learned. The parks opened after a long gap.

The Observation

The lockdown had caused all the plants to dry up, leaving the park with shrivelled leaves all over the place. The plants had dried up due to lack of water, but watering them again could revive them and bring them back to bloom. 

The Wonder thought

We, as humans also tend to slip, fall and wither surrounded by fear, despair, and sorrow. But just like plants, we can rejuvenate, re-energise, and blossom again if we fill ourselves with the right things. We still have the power to choose and reinvent our lives.

Life does not stop for anyone. Times change and slowly all things are set in place.

The Enlightenment Stage

I was filled with gratitude for all the abundance in my life, which I had previously taken for granted. A safe environment to live in, a Healthy mind and body, Fresh and refreshing air, supportive and encouraging friends and family and many to add to the list which we have but do not observe.

Gratitude is the best gift that we can give ourselves during good or bad times. It fills our hearts with joy and happiness. It is strengthening and healing too.

The law of attraction

The law of attraction attracts more of what we believe and wish for. Recognizing the good things we already have in our lives is the foundation for all abundance.

Often, the lenses we look through get blurred and life looks difficult and scary, but gratitude can rekindle that spark within us and light the flame of life for a beautiful life.

Gratitude is a choice to make. Focusing on the silver lining and jotting down the joys of our lives would help us to be emotionally and physically prepared for any challenges that come our way.

What can the power of gratitude do for us?

1) Gratitude can help us to appreciate the simple things in life.

2) Gratitude can help us build stronger relationships.

3)Gratitude can boost our mood and improve our overall well-being.

4) Gratitude can help us to cope with stress and adversity.

Gratitude is a gift that we can all give ourselves. It's a tool that can help us to live happier and healthier lives.