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The story of a trap game

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Jasmine Bhatia

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2 min read . Oct 09 2023


Social values are imparted to a child from a very early age. Stories are a great tool in teaching, inspiring and creating an instant rapport in mind. Stories have the power to build memories that leave a huge impact on the kids mind and stays with them throughout their life.

Not all stories and images are uploaded to social media for reminders. Few stories leave behind an imprint in the heart that cannot be forgotten.

One such funny and most memorable story of my life was narrated to me by my parents after which it inculcated an habit in me to feed animals and take care of them.

My Milk Bottle Weaning Story

  Bottled milk is a habit that parents inculcate in the kids for providing nourishment and slowly they alter it to cultivate drinking milk from a glass.

  But kids are naughty, bottled milk gives them more comfort and also becomes a good teether. I was one such kid who would do many tantrums to drink milk from my bottle. The chain of drinking milk from a bottle had to be stopped as I was 5 years old by then. All techniques to make me understand to quit bottled milk were going in vain. Now it was time to convince me by hooking me to a story to leave the habit. My parents were just looking for the right opportunity for this. Parents are always smart on how to convince children in the right way.

During my visit to Mumbai, in the most amazing and lovable journey of train. The train stopped at a station which was filled with monkeys. Where everyone was looking to keep their items secured, my parents were looking to give my most precious thing “My feeding bottle.”

My mom told me “Look at the monkeys they are so hungry, they really want to fill their tummy. You are so sweet and kind, please give your milk bottle to the little monkey staring at you, he will drink and give it back to you. Sharing is Caring.”

If you help them, they will never snatch things from us and the other passengers. Please help them.

Innocence of a child

  I was innocent and the hunger of monkeys melted me to give my bottle to the monkeys unaware that the train would be there only for the next few minutes. I threw the bottle from the window hoping to get it back again. But the plan of my parents succeeded this time. The train gave its signal to leave the station and I cried to get my bottle back. When I grew up, this story remains etched in my heart on how my habit of bottle feeding was stopped.

Not everything can be expressed in words

It’s so much fun to laugh now on the trick used by my parents but this story always reminds me of the hunger that animals feel but cannot express it by spoken words.

Now whenever I see a cow, dog or a pigeon I try to feed them with something to fill their hunger. But monkeys are special to me even now as I gave them my precious possession after all.

It’s never too late to have a happy childhood

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