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Om Sase

I am the best, but 'best' is subjective to interpretations

I am reasonably smarter and thoughtful than an average homosapien.

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About Me

I am an aspiring Journalist and thus, have a proficient understanding of various topics. I am mindful with my words and my discretion in choosing the right tone as per the requirement is fairly appreciable. I do write dead formal reports and unbiased articles with utmost objectivity but I also like putting my graceful ideas into words with sometimes a pinch and sometimes a pound of emotions and thoughtful slangs.

What I Do

I can write engaging blogs

I can write engaging and thoroughly researched blogs for various topics in various genre in various tones(serious, humourous, objective).

I can write formal reports

I can write formal reports in suitable formats if provided with the necessary pointers to be included in it.

I can write articles

I can write articles on various topics of news value as well as non news features.


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