Dream, Believe, Achieve, International Disabled Achievement Day - by Reema Batra Singh - CollectLo

Dream, Believe, Achieve, International Disabled Achievement Day

Reema Batra Singh - CollectLo

Reema Batra Singh

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5 min read . Nov 08 2023


The Beginning

The beginning of International day of persons with disability  - by Reema Batra Singh - CollectLo

In a world that is always changing, it's important to recognize and appreciate the efforts and accomplishments of all people, no matter what their abilities are. The International Day of Disabled Achievements is celebrated every year on December 3. Its goal is to recognize and celebrate the hopes, strength, and amazing achievements of disabled people. Today is a time to celebrate their successes, see how far they've come, and encourage everyone to dream, believe, and achieve. In this blog post, we will talk about the meaning of this day and the amazing stories of people who have faced great challenges to do amazing things.

Why the International Day of Disabled Achievements Is Important

International Day of Disabled Achievements, which is also called Disabled Persons' Day, is a big day around the world. It was created to show how important it is to include everyone, give everyone the same chances, and recognize the accomplishments of disabled people. It's important to remember that everyone has dreams and goals that are worth following, no matter how smart or physically capable they are.

All day long, the theme "Dream, Believe, Achieve" has been a reminder that goals can come true if you believe and work hard enough. It tells disabled people to have big dreams, believe in their skills, and work hard to reach their targets.

Achievement Stories That Stand Out

To really understand how important this day is, let's look at some amazing stories of people who have broken down barriers and done amazing things.

The famous physicist Stephen Hawking told us:

Stephen Hawking is a famous theoretical physicist and cosmologist. He may be one of the most well-known examples of a person who overcame major physical hurdles to become great. Even though he was young when he was diagnosed with ALS (Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis), he made important discoveries that changed the way we think about the world.

Beethoven's Mastery of Music:

Ludwig van Beethoven, the famous musician, kept making music even after he started to lose his hearing. Many people think that his symphonies, sonatas, and concertos are some of the most important pieces of classical music ever written.

The Paralympic Champion is Tatyana McFadden.

The American sprinter Tatyana McFadden was born with spina bifida but has gone on to win many medals at the Paralympics. She has competed in wheelchair races at the Paralympic Games and in big marathons and won many medals.

Stevie Wonder's Mastery of Music:

The famous singer and artist Stevie Wonder has been blind since he was very young. His music has moved and inspired many people, showing how powerful creativity and skill can be.

The stories of these people show that disabilities are not limits but challenges that can be met with unwavering drive and faith in oneself.

Promoting equality and openness to everyone

The goal of the International Day of Disabled Achievements is not only to recognize the amazing things that people with disabilities have done but also to promote acceptance and fair chances. It tells communities, businesses, and governments that they should create places that help disabled people reach their goals and dreams. This includes infrastructure that is easy to get to, good schools, jobs, and social support networks.

How to Have a Party

Today is a holiday for everyone, not just disabled people. You can help in the following ways:

Learn More: Find out more about the problems people with disabilities face and the things they've done to solve them.

Support Disability Organizations: If you want to help people with disabilities, think about giving money or time to organizations that do this.

Advocate for Inclusivity: Tell your community and workplace to start doing things that are good for everyone, like making facilities available and hiring people from a variety of backgrounds.

Share inspiring stories: To encourage people and bring more attention to the issue, share stories of people with disabilities who have done great things on your social media accounts.

Some more things that bring attention to unsung heroes:

Some disabled people get a lot of attention for their accomplishments, but there are also a lot of stars in our communities who don't get recognized. People who have made important achievements in their communities or through their advocacy work often don't get the credit they deserve. The International Day of Disabled Achievements is a chance to honor those people.

Getting behind universal design:

The idea behind universal design is to make spaces, things, and services that everyone can use, no matter what skills they have. Today, you might want to check your environment to see if it's accessible and try to get public spaces, businesses, and schools to use universal design principles.

Using art as a way to:

People with disabilities have long used art and creation as ways to express themselves. On this day, celebrate by looking into and enjoying the art that people with disabilities can do, such as music, dance, painting, and sculpture.

Projects for education:

Institutions of learning are very important for making sure that disabled students get the help they need to do well in school. The International Day of Disabled Achievements can be a chance to support open education and push for better special education programs.

Starting a business and being successful at it

A lot of disabled people have gone into business for themselves, showing that they can not only deal with problems but also do well in the business world. Bring attention to the successes of disabled business owners and think about how you can help disabled-owned companies in your area.

Playing sports and running:

The Paralympic Games and other adaptive sports events show off the amazing things that disabled people can do in the sport. You can remember this day by going to or supporting events like these and honoring the athletes' passion and hard work.

Collaborative Projects:

More inclusive societies can be made when governments, NGOs, businesses, and people work together. Get people in your community to work with these groups to make a real difference in the lives of disabled people.

Campaigns for Advocacy and Awareness:

On this day, groups all over the world often start campaigns to raise recognition and support for a cause. Spread the word about these campaigns on social media, at local events, and by getting engaged.

How to Learn from Disabled Achievers:

Take the time to learn from the successes and advice of people who have disabilities. Reading their stories can teach you a lot about being strong, flexible, and in a good mood.

In conclusion

Today is International Day of Disabled Achievements, a time to be inspired, honored, and think about what you've done. As a reminder, people with disabilities can reach their goals and leave a long mark on the world if they have the right attitude, support, and drive. Today is a day for everyone to dream, hope, and, most of all, help other people reach their goals. Celebrating variety, acceptance, and the amazing potential we all have is something we should all do.