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How to select topic for my first blog

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2 min read . Apr 14


Choosing a topic for your first blog can be both exciting and daunting. But fear not, for I have a strategy that might just make it easier for you. We've curated a set of questions specifically crafted to ignite your creativity and help you uncover potential topics. You find all these questions here. Let's dive into one of these questions: What are your favorite hobbies or activities to do in your free time?

To answer this, let's reflect on the activities you've engaged in over the past month. Forget about last year or even two months ago; focus solely on recent activities. Maybe you've watched movies, listened to music, followed cricket matches, traveled, or indulged in a bit of gossip. Now, let's identify the ones you've done multiple times—these are likely your hobbies.

For instance, if you enjoy watching movies, why not start your blog with movie reviews? Share your thoughts and feelings about the films you've watched, discussing what you liked or disliked about them. Or perhaps you're into music; you could analyze song lyrics, delve into the backgrounds of songwriters, or simply share your favorite tunes with your readers.

Similarly, if you've been traveling, consider writing about your adventures. Describe the places you've visited, the experiences you've had, and the people you've met along the way. Add some personal anecdotes or reflections to make your blog engaging and relatable.

The key here is to write about what interests you, without worrying about pleasing everyone. Focus on expressing your authentic self and sharing your unique perspective. Remember, your voice matters, and there will always be someone out there who resonates with it.

So, go ahead and start writing! Don't overthink it—just let your creativity flow. And remember, with each blog post, you'll not only attract readers but also refine your voice as a writer. Good luck!