Indian Stock Market Soars Higher - by Wilvia Dsouza  - CollectLo

Indian Stock Market Soars Higher

Wilvia Dsouza  - CollectLo

Wilvia Dsouza

Content Writer

1 min read . Apr 12


There is a new heart-throbbing wave in the Indian stock market with Sensex and Nifty that is making a noise this week. Despite the global anxieties, inflation, and rising rates, it's becoming trendy.

So, what is surging this Indian stock market? There is a crucial role played.

Firstly, in recent times, India’s revised GDP growth has been forecasted at 7% by the Asian Development Bank (ADB) for the forthcoming fiscal year. This has spurred confidence in the investors with a positive financial outlook.

Secondly, there is a wind of recovery in some sectors. For example, IndiGo Airlines becomes the first Indian carrier to smash a profit of $1 billion. As a result, it recovered a rebound in industries like travel, which were badly hit by the pandemic.

Thirdly, Bharti Hexacom, a subsidiary of Bharti Airtel, has a successful initial public offering (IPO) with hyped enthusiasm in the stock market. This has piqued bullish investors' interest in IPOs raising significant amounts in Indian businesses.

But, there are some esports who have raised caution that this rally may not be sustainable. Concerns like global inflation and interest rate hikes by the US Federal Reserve have come up that could negatively impact investors' sentiments. Furthermore, political tensions in the Middle East are increasing crude oil rates, which could be a setback for India’s import bill and economic steadiness.

In conclusion, there is positive news in the Indian stock market with the recent performances. But, due to upcoming fluctuation, the future remains doubtful. Before, investing, the investors should conduct thorough research and assess the risk level for an informed decision.