Short Advertisement Script – 1 - by Abhinav Kaushik  - CollectLo

Short Advertisement Script – 1

Abhinav Kaushik  - CollectLo

Abhinav Kaushik

Content Writer

1 min read . Nov 01 2023


In a very modest household in Goa like locality with clear roads and lots of greenery

A person is getting ready to go for the interview, and his mother (widow) comes and offers him to eat curd and sugar (eating curd and sugar is considered good luck in Indian households). He eats a spoonful.

Mother – kya lgta hai hero, aaj ho jaiga

Him – are bilkul, bs time se pohoch jau.

Now, he is leaving on his old scooter, and in the background, his mother is looking at him with hope in her eyes.

After covering some distance, his scooter stops and he sees that his fuel tank is empty.

Him – kl to bharwaya tha, khatam kaise…

His neighbor comes on his Ola Scooty and asks him

Neighbor - (comes and asks) – kya hua, tera to interview hai naaaj.

Him – (panicking and sad) - petrol khatam, kl hi bharwaya tha, ab samajh nahi aa raha kaise…

Neighbor – mai chd deta hu, aaj baith fta ft

They both leave with Ola Scooty and on their way

Cut to the next scene – he comes out of the office and indicates to his neighbor that he cleared the interview. And he comes and hugs the neighbor and says

Him – thank You

Neighbor – thanks mujhe nahi isko bol (indicates towards the Ola scooty)

They both smile and are about to sit on the scooty

Him – kitna deti hai waise

Neighbor – (just smiles)

And both leaves

Cut to end screen with product catalog and voice-over in the background

1 charge me 300km, taaki aapke sapno ko chune ki race me rukawat na aaye (in very calming voice)

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