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Abhinav Kaushik

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I am a Content and Script Writer

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About Me

With a strong background as a Scriptwriter, Stand-up Comedian, and Business Research Analyst I bring a unique combination of skills, creativity, and writing experience. I have 4+ years of experience in writing and forming stories in general, 4+ years of experience in writing comedy scripts, and 6 months of experience in writing infotainment videos and short films for digital media houses. Blog Writer - as a blog writer I have written blogs for websites such as Collectio. I have provided the links in my portfolio. Script Writer - as a scriptwriter, I have written scripts for Youtubers in fictional (short films)

What I Do

Script writing

As a scriptwriter, I have written scripts for YouTubers in fictional (short films) and Infotainment genres. I have added the samples to my portfolio.

Stand up Comedian

As a stand-up comedian with 4+ years of experience, I have sharpened my storytelling, comedy writing, and scriptwriting skills. Performing in over 1,000 shows, I have also learned the art of connecting with diverse audiences and creating engaging narratives.

Business Analyst

as a Business Research Analyst with 4 years of experience, I have honed my research, analysis, and writing skills. I have successfully supported clients in gathering and analyzing data through research and presenting it in an easy-to-understand format with the help of storyboarding.

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