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Parents Love - Indian Version

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Abhinav Kaushik

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2 min read . Mar 18


Yes, my parents used to beat me sometimes and no that was not any abuse and yes, i totally deserved the beating.

However, as a general rule of thumb, parents should refrain from beating their children> Here is why -

1. Might Doesn’t Make Right

When parents use physical punishment, they unintentionally educate their children that "might make right." By beating them, parents demonstrate that employing physical force against someone smaller and weaker is an appropriate approach to achieving their goals. This message can have long-term implications. Children who see violence at home may grow up to commit violence themselves, whether in playground fights or as adults in violent relationships.

2. Risk of Losing Control

Adults frequently struggle with self-control, particularly when they are exhausted, irritated, or frustrated. When parents give themselves permission to physically chastise their children, they run the risk of becoming abusers. Parents, like NFL great Adrian Peterson, can lose control when scolding their children. The thrill of relief from hitting a child can become addictive, resulting in more frequent and more severe hits.

3. Rejecting Harmful Traditions

Honoring our parents does not imply blindly imitating their traditions. Our grandparents accepted conventions that we now see as damaging, such as discriminatory laws and smoking during pregnancy. Similarly, we can love our parents while rejecting their old views. Physical punishment is one tradition that should be reconsidered.

4. Psychological Consequences

Research demonstrates that strong physical punishment is connected with melancholy, anxiety, substance misuse, and personality issues later in life. Instead of punishing children for prior misconduct, parents should use positive approaches to develop self-control, confidence, and responsibility.

5. Ineffectiveness of Spanking

Over the last two decades, studies have repeatedly shown that spanking causes hostility in young children while failing to improve unwanted behavior. It is useless and potentially hazardous.

6. Desperation and Alternatives

Parents may turn to beating out of despair. However, there are better options. Communication, understanding, and positive reinforcement can all help youngsters learn and grow without resorting to violence.

Now, you all must be wondering despite giving the argument on why parents should refrain from beating their children, why I said I deserved the beating i got. 

Here is why -