Women's Reservation Bill:- What's The Need? Read it out to know:  - by Akshi Agrawal - CollectLo

Women's Reservation Bill:- What's The Need? Read it out to know:

Akshi Agrawal - CollectLo

Akshi Agrawal

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1 min read . Sep 28 2023


Women’s Reservation Bill

On 21st September 2023, a long-awaited bill is to be passed, and it is also the 128th Constitution amendment bill widely also called Nari Shakti Vnadan Adhinayam.

It was widely celebrated throughout the country.


Bill reserves ⅓ (one-third) seats for women in the Delhi assembly, state legislative, and Lok Sabha.

Why Demanded?

Currently, There are 550 seats in Lok Sabha out of which 82 (15.2%) are occupied by women, Similarly in Rajya Sabha 250 seats out of which 31

(13%) are occupied by women.

Which shows progress in comparison to Indepence women's participation in politics of India. 5% in first lok sabha

But still, there are many who have more representation of women such as Rwanda (61.3%),  Bolivia (53.1%), and Mexico (48.2%).


  • There have been debates on the Women's Reservation Bill since 1996.
  • It was on the table 4 times till 2003 but the government failed to act upon it
  • Also, in 2008 the government introduced it again.

Salient features

  • Inserting Article 330A
  • Article 330 mentions reservations for ST/SCs in the Lower House.
  • It mentions that women-reserved seats may be assigned on a rotational basis between constituencies and UTs

Reservation In the Capital Delhi

  • A new clause will be added in Article 239AA.
  • Article 239AA grants special rights to Capital and UT Delhi for its administrative and legislative purpose.

Reservation in state Legislative assembly

  • Article 332A which will result in ⅓ one-third of seats reserved for women in the state legislative assembly of all states.
  • One-third of ST/SC seats should be assigned to women.

Article 334A

  • Reservation will function after the new census is conducted.

It will be for the upcoming 15 years of period and will continue as per the decision of parliament.

Opposition Against The Bill

  • Relevant Share: The bill will come into effect after the next delimitation exercise where figures are still not settled after that will women get their share is still blurred.
  • Rajya Sabha: The Upper House and state legislative council still do not have reservations for women.
  • OBC issues: The bill does not include a reserved quota for OBC women.


Q1. What is the Name of the First female PM of India?

  • Indira Gandhi

Q2. When is the next scheduled Delimitation exercise?

  • The one which was scheduled to be conducted in 2021 was canceled due to COVID-19 and now it is scheduled for 2026.

Q3. In 2023, by which union minister bill was introduced?

  • Union Minister of law and justice Arjun Ram Meghwal.

Q4. Gender global report is published by whom? 

  • World Economic Forum (WEF)