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Importance of Education for Women

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3 min read . Oct 13 2023


Besides this, an educated woman can run her house as well as her professional life. The ethical purpose of education is to develop an individual physically and intellectually. The sole purpose of it is to learn more and more.

Education empowers women's skills, knowledge, and confidence. Hence it helps to make her a good mother, employee, as well as a citizen. Moreover, she will be more productive at work and well-waged. Therefore, the return on education investment is greater for women than for men.

10 Basic Reasons for The Importance of Education for Women 

1- Basic Right

Education is a basic right of everyone. And while saying it, we can't skip women from everyone. They are also part of this. In the comparison of the large women population, the women's literacy rate is lower. It means that we are not forwarding to a developed country. All women should be educated whether they are the rich, poor, young, old, married, single, widow, or of any social status. So, education is not an honor; it is a basic right.

2- Increased Literacy 

About 63% of the 163 million worldwide illiterate youth are women. Offering education to all children will increase the literacy rate, which will drive development in struggling counties.

3- Human Trading

The United Nations Inter-Agency Project reported that;

"Women are most likely to be trafficked when they are less educated and poorer. While offering opportunities and basic skills to young girls, this multi-billion-dollar industry can be meaningfully damaged.

4- Political Depiction 

All over the world, women are understated as voters. As a result, they are barred from political participation. The UN Women's Leadership and Participation Program proposes that civic education, training, and empowerment reduce this gap.

5- Equality in society 

Inequality and discrimination start to rise from the root. When a boy goes to school and his sister does not work because of gender differences, the rising of discrimination will uproot. The boy feels superior because of the male gender, and he has no logic to prove it. When girls go to schools and colleges with boys to participate in education, boys feel their basic right to education. Hence, it lowers the superiority complex. Therefore, educating women alongside men encourages the idea of ​​equality and democracy.

6- Build Confidence and Independence

Education makes a person self-determining. It empowers us to enable ourselves to serve others and earn a living. An educated woman can earn a good living. Hence, she will not have to depend on her family for anything. It develops her confidence and forces her to make her own decisions. She knows her value and importance. That's why education for women is most essential to make them independent and confident.

7- Later Marriage and Smaller Families 

According to the United Nations Population Fund recommendations;

In developing countries, one of each three girls is married under the age of 18. In a country where a girl is educated for seven years or more, the marriage date is delayed by four years. Increasing school attendance reduces productivity over time. Generally, uneducated families have an average of seven children.

8- Possibility of income

Education enhances a woman's earning potential and empowers her wallet. Reportedly, one year of primary education has shown a 20% rise in a girl's income in later life.

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9- Poverty Reduction 

When women have equal rights and access to education, they also contribute to business and economic events. In addition, increase current and future earnings against poverty by providing food, and clothing, for the whole family.

10- Nation Building

Women make up about 50% of the total population. Therefore, if they are illiterate, a large section of the nation will not contribute to its development, which is a big problem. Thus, the education of women will lead to the development of the country.


Men and women are two sides of the same coin. Without one, the other is nothing. Women's education does not promote educated families but is also helpful in eliminating many social evils like dowry problems, unemployment, etc. A woman plays three different roles in her life, in each of which she is expected to perform certain duties. Being a good daughter is a woman's first duty. Being a good wife and mother are her second and third responsibilities.