The Advantages And Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence.  - by Aparna Chavan  - CollectLo

The Advantages And Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence.

Aparna Chavan  - CollectLo

Aparna Chavan

Content Writer

2 min read . Aug 08 2023



                            Today the most viral topic on almost all social media platforms is Artificial Intelligence. Whether you are on Instagram, Facebook or twitter you can always find yourself on videos that tell us about AI tools. Hey look head to this AI website and you can do this and that and what not ?. But do you think corporates or big industries are using them ?. Oh yes, because AI is literally helping them in making their works easier but have you ever thought what impact it is going to have on you as an Individual ?. Do you know what are The Advantages and Disadvantages of Artificial Intelligence ?. Well no worries in this blog we shall be discussing about the same.

What is Artificial Intelligence ?

Artificial Intelligence or AI is an tool that helps in creating smart and intelligent machines to perform tasks easily. We can find so many AI tools today that help us to do our day to day tasks so easily and quickly. We are not new to Artificial Intelligence. Yes we are not new to it and we are actually being used to it since many years to name a few the very popular AI tools are  Google Maps, self-driving cars, automated marketing, e-commerce recommendation systems, automated fraud detection, and many more. So Artificial Intelligence is grabbing our attention now more because it is progressing at a very rapid phase. There is an old and a very popular saying that everything has two sides likewise even Artificial Intelligence are having some Advantages and Disadvantages.   

Advantages of Artificial Intelligence.

1. Artificial Intelligence is helping in saving time required to perform tasks.

2. It facilitates faster decision making,

3. It is Available 24 *7.

4. It allows automating repetitive tasks in different industries.

5. It can easily handle and process large number of data.

6. It is assumed to reduce human errors.

7. AI powered chatbots can easily interreact with customers and resolve customer queries through chats. 

8.  It helps in identifying patterns in words, figures and images.


1. Artificial Intelligence can be very expensive to install and implement as companies require to invest a lot in its frameworks including the latest hardware and software.

2. Artificial Intelligence can increase the risk of unemployment as its tools are helping in reducing the manual works. So it will directly affect the employment of that particular segment. 

3. Artificial Intelligence can also make errors.

4. It has less creativity unlike humans .

5. It cannot work unless there is a command given by a human.

6. Use of Artificial Intelligence on a regular basis can reduce the logical reasoning and analytical abilities of individuals. 

7. There is a risk of losing data if it is not been protected to do so.


                        Artificial Intelligence is a new technology that is taking us to a smarter world. It is very necessary to upgrade ourselves with these AI tools. Though AI can help us reduce our workloads in less time it is also necessary to keep in mind that Artificial Intelligence is a human generated technology and it cannot replace Human Intelligence.