Happy Navratri to all goddess Durga should make everyone happy  - by Apoorva  - CollectLo

Happy Navratri to all goddess Durga should make everyone happy

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Navratri is a festival of goddess Durga. It is celebrated for nine nights. Here, there are nine different avatars of goddess Durga, each with a different meaning and significance. And we have to wear different colors for nine days; the color also has some meaning. In Gujarat and West Bengal, Navratri has more glory as people celebrate the festival with joy and happiness. In Gujarat, people play Garba and Dandiya; these two are traditional dances for this festival. They also wear Ghagra Choli traditional dress, which is important for this festival.

Durga is the mother of the universe, and different goddesses are worshipped, like Saraswathi and Lakshmi, goddesses of education, and another goddess of wealth. In West Bengal, there is Durga Pooja also in grand manner. For nine days, people light up diya for the goddess. Then on Dussera, goddess Durga kills the demon, and it is said that good over evil wins. This festival teaches us that if you always do good, you can win over evil. This is Navratri.

People also play and dance to different songs and beats. This festival is full of joy and happiness.

People eat different foods for their fasts, like kheer. In south India, people offer different rice items to goddesses, like curd rice and lemon rice. All the rice items are prepared without the use of garlic and onion, as onion and garlic are not used for food shown to god. The kheer is prepared with rice sugar, cow milk, and some cardamom powder. Some people also eat fast foods.In this festival mother also owes to protect her children from the bad people and she thinks that there should not be any bad people in this world.