What is Regret? How Regret Stops You from Living Your Life?  - by Paridhi Bichchhal - CollectLo

What is Regret? How Regret Stops You from Living Your Life?

Paridhi Bichchhal - CollectLo

Paridhi Bichchhal

Content Writer

2 min read . Oct 24 2023


In life, we all do what we think we are not supposed to do. Or, that’s what we are made to think that we are not supposed to do certain things.

To tell the truth, all the “certain things”, that we are told not to do are the things people believe we shouldn’t do because it would either affect society or disrespect the orthodox rituals of the older people. We are made to believe and blame ourselves for doing some things that are labeled as disgraceful based on the blinded notion of conservative society.

In this entire “conservative society have old ritualistic people and they hold as fragile as an honor and a belief system that their reputation would be harmed immediately”, the fact that the people living in society are actually humans and have wishes, willingness, and desires is completely ignored.

Our parents, our grandparents, our relatives, and esteemed members of the delicate society start to tell us from the moment we are born till the moment we gain consciousness about the reality that doing anything as per your liking is as bad as cursing the above-mentioned people and doing anything according to what you are told is saintly.

Walking on a path other than what is told and taught by not ignoring and killing our own wishes, makes us kill ourselves every day till we are alive because we are made to regret not doing what others want us to do. The feeling of regret forces us to squeeze our hearts until we give up and pledge to follow the rules of others blindly!

This makes it to conclude that regret is nothing, but a misconception that sometimes what we do is wrong and we shouldn’t have done it rather than accepting the fact that we do not do anything on our own, we are destined to do it. We are obviously a product of our surroundings, upbringing, and the people we meet, see, read about, and hear about, but we are also a product of what we are made of from the inside. We cannot change what our mind is capable of thinking, believing, doing, and achieving.

Consequently, we only do what we are made to do by our minds and hearts. Hence, when we do what is allowed by the two important decision makers of our body (mind and heart), we let ourselves free from the discontentment of not fulfilling our wishes and desires. However, by doing this, we somehow disturb the way we were taught to think and act leading us to feel regret no matter how happy we are.

So, we are made to choose the wrong and unsatisfactory way of living by society instead of choosing a life that we actually love and want to cherish. Regret is a feeling that makes us believe something unhuman because as a human, we are allowed to function as per our choices. Still, we don’t as regret follows us and punches straight into our heads and hearts whenever we follow the path of our happiness by doing what we actually want to do.

Collectively, all these things affect how we want to live our lives, fulfill our wishes, satisfy our desires, and ultimately make ourselves happy.