Why People Leave? Are You Indebted to Them?  - by Paridhi Bichchhal - CollectLo

Why People Leave? Are You Indebted to Them?

Paridhi Bichchhal - CollectLo

Paridhi Bichchhal

Content Writer

2 min read . Oct 24 2023


Have you ever wondered why people come into your lives and leave by taking more than you have to offer them? Of course, you have. Moreover, this is what you wonder most of the time, don’t you? I know you do. And I know this because we are all the same and we all go through the same situations in life, the extent of which may vary.

So, I have also encountered a lot of people who just entered my life without knocking and left by taking more than I had to provide them with, and this still happens. However, after meeting like a hundred of them, I couldn’t help but curse my destiny, which we all do whenever we get to feel even the tiniest of inconveniences in our lives. So, I kept cursing my own life and myself for allowing such people to come and go as they please, when recently I just had to stop and wonder for the actual reason.

The pattern was the same: people would come, offer me less, take a lot in return, and then just leave. I was furious and restless, going impatiently to take revenge on them. It was when I realized that all of them—I mean, most of them, okay, just a few of them—were not as bad people as I considered them to be. I mean, a few of them were nice people, but they still had to get covered in the “offer-less-and-take-a-lot-in-return” category because I was INDEBTED TO THEM. They did not do anything to leave me intentionally. The time, the things either monetary or non-monetary, the emotions, and the moments I had lived with them were the only things to which I was indebted. I couldn’t continue with them, and they couldn’t help but leave me after that because that’s where I repaid them with whatever they had ever given me, either in this life (directly or indirectly) or in the previous one.

Both of us (me and the people I was a debtor to) had to end whatever we had in whatever form we had. In the same way, people do come, take, and leave your lives the moment you repay them with what you have ever taken from them. To lose people, to give people the love, care, respect, and things that you later realize they did not deserve, and to waste time on people who do not value you surely hurts but is a part of life too. It will HAPPEN, and it is NORMAL. Feeling hurtful after losing people and bearing with such horrible things is nothing you must make a big deal out of.

But the moment, the hour, the day, the week, the month, and the year you learn that you are indebted to a lot of people for a lot of things, and as soon as you repay your debt, you are going to lose all those people, moving on will become easier for you. I realized this not so long ago, and I couldn’t hold back from sharing the bliss with you all.

Realizing and living with this fact is liberating and soothing. I wish for an early realization of the same by you.