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Awakening the Spiritual Bird Within

Khushboo Nanyasi  - CollectLo

Khushboo Nanyasi

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"Who am I? Why am I here? What is the reason for my suffering?...

Sounds familiar? These profound queries must have frequently intertwined with your moments of introspection along the intricate path of life. In simpler terms, certain circumstances have prompted such deep contemplation. Regrettably, the answers we seek remain frustratingly elusive. The underlying cause of this dissatisfaction is our ignorance of the profound truth that we are not transient bodies but eternal souls, intricately entwined with the Supreme Soul, designed exclusively for His service.

Our imperative duty lies in the fulfilment of our genuine selves as immortal souls. Instead of merely tending to the physical vessel that houses us, we must nurture the spiritual bird within. Neglecting this fundamental aspect, and focusing solely on the well-being of our corporeal form, can lead to profound spiritual malnourishment.

Srila Prabhupada, the founder-acarya of the International Society For Krishna Consciousness has eloquently articulated, “This passage raises the question of self-fulfilment. The self transcends the confines of the corporeal form and the subtle mind. It represents the potent animating principle of both body and mind. Without comprehending the needs of the dormant soul, one cannot attain true happiness through the mere gratification of body and mind. These are but superficial, outer coverings of the spirit soul. The spirit soul's yearnings must be addressed. Mere cleansing of the bird's cage does not suffice to appease the bird. One must genuinely apprehend the bird's inherent requirements.”

The spirit soul yearns to break free from the constricting bonds of material existence, seeking the realisation of unbridled freedom. It aspires to transcend the confined walls of the material cosmos, yearning to bask in the boundless light of the spiritual realm.

A dormant affection for God resides within each one of us, concealed beneath the layers of our physical bodies and minds. Our spiritual essence finds expression through misdirected affections for the material world, both gross and subtle. Therefore, we must engage in pursuits that awaken our divine consciousness, primarily through the sublime acts of hearing and chanting the transcendental narratives of the Supreme Lord.

Occupational engagements that fail to nurture an attachment to hearing and chanting the divine exploits of the Supreme Lord are deemed futile. Such fruitless activities, regardless of their philosophical or ideological affiliations, fall short in delivering liberation to the soul. Even the efforts of salvation-seekers ultimately prove fruitless because they overlook the wellspring of all true freedom.

The materialist, driven by a relentless pursuit of temporal gain, discerns the limitations of his aspirations, bound by the constraints of time and space. Whether in this world or the next, he encounters the impermanence of his achievements. Even if he ascends to the heavenly realms, he finds no eternal haven for his restless soul. The ceaseless hankering of the soul can only find solace through the meticulous and sublime science of devotional service, a path to perfect spiritual enlightenment.

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