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Sanjeev Maurya

Content Writer

I write content on array of topics. Still finding my niche. Love writing poems and short stories.

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About Me

I developed a passion for writing few years ago. Since then I have been writing poetries and short stories. Since then few of my work has been published in different Anthology series. Have recently started working as a freelancer and have written blog articles for others.

What I Do

Content Writing

I write organic blog article, with the write keywords, well researched and refined content. I write on multitude of topics from psychology/mental health, fashion, finance, cats and not so usual topics. I also write social media posts and other kind of content writing.

Poems and Short stories

As a kid I used to write poems with a dramatic flair with the mix of my creative hustle. Over time, it refined, it became less dramatic and more real. Love, life, nature, hidden desires or the simple spark of plain or convoluted thoughts.

Creative Writing

The spark for writing stories was something that happened to as a child like every other child, when you played with your toys. But for for me those childish stories grew and with age they matured. I have written short stories on topics such as mental health, relationship, family and LGBTQ+ topics.

Graphic Design

Even though I am just a novice in this field, i have been working my way up and have very recently done few paid freelancing gigs for logo design, digital visiting card, flyers and brochures. Right now Canva is my happy little helper, but I am making friends with adobe photoshop by learning it.


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