Spirituality improves the ultimate quality of life!  - by Neha Tekwani  - CollectLo

Spirituality improves the ultimate quality of life!

Neha Tekwani  - CollectLo

Neha Tekwani

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In recent times with the growth of digitalization, technological advancements and other personal and professional responsibilities, there's a need for humanity to experience a life beyond life. This life won't be meaningless but a quest to embark on the purpose of human existence and consciousness at the soul level. Indeed, spirituality is connecting with the fifth dimension i.e., the soul. It’s the progression from the finite world into the infinite realm of the higher power.

In the broader sense, experiencing life is a bigger goal than what meets the eye. While the human mind is trapped on the earth and its many facets, spirituality helps to unburden some of these layers. Like the snake sheds it’s skin from time to time, detoxing through the meditation eases the processing of the inner thoughts and feelings.

A greater life awaits when you release the day to day stress and start living in the present moment. Being spiritual isn't about chanting God's name throughout the day, it's realizing the oneness with him and accepting everything as a part of a bigger prospect. 

Seeing the bigger picture is an essential need even if you're not a religious person but spirituality isn't being a hardcore saint or priest. It's leaving the greed of the materialistic possessions far behind and becoming in tune with with your body, mind and soul. 

Can you imagine any regular day when you wake up with only a smile lingering on your lips? In general the answer would be No. But while you're on this path of attaining spiritual ascension in your life, it's very much possible to slumber without any disturbing thought and waking up with a peaceful smile. 

It's not a work of fiction to attain peace and calm in life. It's mindfulness and adapting a healthy living pattern that may seclude you for a while as you go deep within but at the end of the day, you will come out as a changed person.

You won't be as worked up as you got when you started with the load of your job, and family life getting jumbled up. You will see you have managed to eradicate the negative and toxic beliefs that once defined you as a person.

Now, you no longer hold to unhealthy attachments and you have more time to sit and chat with family and friends. 

In a way, you have developed an understanding approach for yourself and for the humanity at a large.

You're not moved by the physical appearance of things or people, you connect emotionally while seeking a deeper and stronger meaning in every equation.

Situations that used to bug you to death, don't have an effect on you. Aside from being generous, you can easily ground yourself in any circumstance and emerge out a winner because you practice humility in your surroundings. 

At the sunset, you go for a long walk on the beach and are not plagued by your initial life but are eager to welcome the next day for your spiritual side has helped you conquer the devil within you. 

Your inner love and smile are coming out nice and clean and you have learned to give unconditional love to humanity. That's certainly living a higher quality of life when you can just be your own mundane silent self. Happiness is part of your day and your earlier resentments from life have died down because you've got a new definition to define yourself and your aim to lead in life. Whether it's listening to advices, or giving suggestions, you have turned a wise ear for both because your hesitancy to accept opinions has faded. Open-mindedness is a part of your long-term future as you have opened the door of various possibilities. The fear is gone and your mind is entirely yours. What a realization! 

Won't you amble on this journey to experience your powerful being? 

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Neha Tekwani

Neha Tekwani

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