Lessons for my 20 year old Self : - by Payal Motla - CollectLo

Lessons for my 20 year old Self :

Payal Motla - CollectLo

Payal Motla

Content Writer

3 min read . Aug 13 2023


We all have been in our 20s at some point of time. We have thoroughly enjoyed our 20s by travelling, chatting with friends, working on our job. But have really pondered over the question as to what lessons do we learn from our 20s.

Here's a peak into the life lessons I would like my 20-year old self would have better known for: 

1) Invest in Fitness: 

As we age and we start our working life, I would rather advise that we all should ensure that Fitness becomes a part of our life. We all live very sedentary lifestyle working in our 9-5 job. We should ensure that we invest a lot in our fitness be it yoga, Zumba or Swimming etc. We should try to do more and more physical activities as we age. The more physically active we are, the better we feel. 

2) Start Investing as early as possible:

Every penny counts! That's what you need to remember. So Start you Investment in SIP as early as possible. Let the magic of compounding work for you. The sooner you start investing, the better are your chances of building a bigger corpses for your future self. So Invest early. 

3) Don't take your life too seriously.

This is the one thing I swear by. I have for the longest period in my life have been serious and used to worry a lot about my failures, be in my career or personal life. You need to understand that life is a combination of good and bad. We will have failures or downtime to come and teach us as well. So learn to embrace your failures gracefully. Move on from it but remember the lesson. 

4) Invest in Your Hobbies:

The sooner you realise this the better. Life is boring if there is no meaning attached to it. So Find a purpose you live by. And what better can it be than finding your passion. Cultivate and invest in a hobby which will take you a long way even if you are doing it only on a Sunday basis. Remember that there are 52 Sunday's in a year. Compounding works here as well. Let's say you write one article each Sunday that means 52 articles in a year or even more if you do it only on Sunday. So invest and enjoy your hobbies. 

5) Have a lot of friends.

The more friends we have, the more we can travel together and cherish the memories we have. A huge group of friends will help you deal with life challenges and ensure that you are not lonely in later years of your life. The more different variety of friends we have,  the more learning experiences we can have. Be It Yoga class friends, be it Cycling friends or be it NGO circle of friends, Invest in hobbies and passion that you share. The combination of passion and friends together makes the journey of life more memorable. 

6) Travel More Often:

I know we all love to go on vacations. But travelling alone as well as with a group of friends helps us in gaining experiences. The more experiences we gain, the better we shape ourselves. The more wisdom we get from these travel experiences. So try to go outdoors as much as possible. It will make you think about your life journey and plan long term about it. 

So these are the six lessons I have learned from my 20s'. I hope it helps you too to save your precious years and embark on a new journey. These lessons will bring new colours to your life.

Happy Weekend!

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