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I Being A Women A Curse?

Rashmika Saravanakumar - CollectLo

Rashmika Saravanakumar

Content Writer

1 min read . Mar 15


Not at all. All women should be proud to be women. But every women are hurted and feeling worst because of a cruel disease called ‘INEQUALITY’.

Equality is common for all beings,

No another eye for seeing,

Women are not alien,

They are also mammalian.

There is no need to see men and women indifferently because God doesn't create men as superior. None of the literature and Vedas say that both women's bodies and women are obscene. Why should a man celebrate? Why should only men receive high positions in society? Why are women getting abused? Like these many questions arise in every woman when they face inequality.

The major reason for this inequality is women. Am I confusing? The irony is women are the major reason for the downfall of women. The fear of coming out is the first mistake they make. If some cross the first mistake, women around her are suppressing her. They are not allowing themselves and others to improve. All women must stop this attitude otherwise many generations of women and girls are going to face this discrimination. As I already said, no literature and Vedas say that men are superior and women are only for the house. So let's all join hand to eradicate a deadly disease ‘GENDER INEQUALITY’.

Written by Rashmika Saravanakumar

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