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Cat's Claw - A Miraculous Natural Remedy

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Subho Shree

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1 min read . Nov 27 2023


Uncaria tomentosa widely known as Cat's Claw is a woody vine found growing in tropical jungles of south and central america . the plant root and flower is used in extraction of herbal drugs for treatment of variety of ailments .

The phytochemicals that have been majorly found in Cat's Claw root bark include oxindole , indole alkaloids , glycosides ,organic acids , proanthocyanidins , sterols , triterpenes , glycosides , tannins , polyphenols , catechins , rhynchophylline and beta - sitosterol.

it has proved as one of the main herb for treatment of gastritis , barrett's esophagus , high blood pressure and arthritis.

                                           How to consume extract of Cat's Claw 

*   The extract of Cat's Claw can be taken inside as an herbal tea , tonic or tincture daily, twice a day - first in the morning and second in the evening or late afternoon.

* Even the root bark powder can be used or soak the root bark overnight in water and drink that water in the morning can also prove to be beneficial.

                                                                Adverse effect 

Usually no such adverse effects have been observed till lately but individuals allergic to plant family Rubiaceae(wild coffee, west indian jasmine ,snow rose , flowering bullets, etc.) and species of Uncaria may be more likely to have adverse reactions to consumption of cat's claw . allergic reactions include itching , rashes , inflammation , nausea , headache. It is generally advised that following group of people should avoid or limit cat's claw:

* Pregnant or brestfeeding women

* People with certain medical conditions such as bleeding disorders , autoimmune disesae , kidney disease , leukemia 

* People taking certain medications such as those for cholestrol , blood clotting should consult physician before taking it .

                                                              Dosage information

An average daily dose of 20 -350 mg of dried stem bark for extract or 300-500mg for capsules taken in 2-3 separate doses throughout the day.

60 - 100 mg of cat's claw extract have been studied for treatment of rheumatoid arthritis and osteoarthritis.

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