10 interesting ways to beat procrastination like a pro! - by Sanchari das - CollectLo

10 interesting ways to beat procrastination like a pro!

Sanchari das - CollectLo

Sanchari das

Content Writer

3 min read . Oct 19 2023


Thinking brain vs Feeling brain 

Author Mark Manson shared two crazy concepts about our brain 🧠. He put an interesting point forward that our brain functions in two ways. One is a "thinking brain," which works more rationally, and the other is a "feeling brain," which functions more intuitively or irrationally. 

As he said, our feeling brain is more of a "drama queen" that influences the thinking brain to stop making rational decisions by justifying its irrational actions more rationally. Now you will understand why I am talking about how the brain functions instead of procrastinating. Keep reading to find out that 😉

Now, what is procrastination? Any ideas? 

See, procrastination is nothing but our "feeling brain's" tantrums for delaying any important or "not-so-exciting task". If you are a procrastinator like me, you know what I am talking about. Though it might sound like procrastination is not a big deal, various studies have shown that it is a major issue for most. Around 95% of adults usually procrastinate daily, resulting in a low-quality lifestyle, a lack of motivation, and even anxiety. After reading this article, you will be able to find out how to beat procrastination in 10 different ways, thereby improving your lifestyle quality and productivity by 10x. 

Unlock the key to fight the lazy demon

Look at the big picture: For example, if you are delaying that morning walk or yoga, think about your dream figure and how much self-confidence you will gain within a few months. 

Create “positive pressure” upon yourself: Announce a goal you want to achieve publicly. This will create a sense of urgency, and you will automatically feel pressured to achieve that goal. 

Take a 15-day or 30-day challenge: Post your workout selfie for 15 days on your social media. Post a journal picture every day to keep up the pressure. Personalize it as per your goal. 

Sign up for a Pinterest challenge: This is my personal favorite! Find a pin that matches your goal and save it. There are tons of interesting pins offering challenges with inbuilt monthly or daily task calendars. Complete one task per day and feel the difference yourself. 

Break longer tasks into smaller milestones to keep up the motivation. For example, if writing a story is your goal, divide it into smaller chunks and make it time-bound. Set a clear goal to invest 15-30 minutes daily. 

Reward yourself for completing smaller milestones. Treat yourself or make yourself a fancy coffee or that homemade pizza. 

Sometimes, don’t listen to your “feeling brain” at all.  Remember, it’s a “drama queen”. Go to that gym class, read that book, write that story, or sign up for that upskill course, even if you don’t feel like it. 

Feeling super low? Well, it's time to get super active!  Yes, this is a magical trick with guaranteed productivity. For instance, if you feel bored and want to lie down, get up and do some cardio. The boost of energy you will feel afterward is worth it. Try this and thank me later. 

A little procrastination never hurts anyone, except for your "thinking brain" - that guy is always onto us! But don't worry; just don't let it know about it. And here's a bonus tip: aim for that perfect balance. Let your feeling brain have its moment, but don't get carried away - you don't want it to turn into a full-blown party!