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Does Your Youth Icon Set Any Example For You? Choose Them Wisely.

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shubham tripathi

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3 min read . Nov 25 2023


Now India has overtaken China in terms of Population and become the largest populated country in the world. Along with this milestone India has also achieved the 5th Place of Global Economy by beating United Kingdom in 2020. This leading impact of India was acknowledged by many world leaders and it makes a strong foot position for India as well. 

India is the country which produces huge amount of talent and talented people not only today but for many years as we always listen one thing that where ever you go in the world, you will find that every 6th man there is Indian. India is home to numerous inspiring and influenced Youth Icon. However many of them might become unsung or hidden and many already become a Celebrity Icon. Now a days only those are considered as Youth Icon, who are socially active, PR administered and connected with numerous controversies while several personalities have become Youth Icon for millions through their hard work and dedication. 

We all have gone through the life of Sardar Bhagat Singh, Sardar Udham Singh, Swami Vivekanand, Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam and many aspiring personlities who have done tremendous work in their life and their respected field and set an example for the upcoming generation to learn some lesson from them. 

But now a days, being a Youth Icon is not an easy task, one must ensure that one’s action has a positive impact on society. Their work should be acknowledged by every citizen and make them feel proud to select you as a trendsetter in the society. A School going children often look up for a role model for inspiration while growing up. He may follow you as blindly as he wants to do the same work which you are doing currently. So one must have to be dynamic, versatile and hard working personalities that can inspires many young generation. 

Today there is a word called “FAN” spreading very rapidly, they are very enthusiastic showing their strong interest to follow someone or something. This fan culture can be seen in Bollywood, Sports and Politics mainly in respect of India. This fan culture adores their favourite celebrity, promotes them and can do anything to take attention of them. But being a fan of someone doen’t grant you the power to stand by them even when their favourites are not doing the right thing. What if you found someday that the person you are following and admiring turned out to be a real jerk in his personel life. Could you still like him? NO.

If we are talking with respect to India, then we found the Bollywood and Sports Celebrities promoting the Gutkha and Tobacco Brand and asking their followers to eat that. These Celebrities are advertising to promote Alcohal brand and asking their followers to drink that. These Celebrities tirelessly promoting the betting sites on national television and asking their followers to bet your money in that. Is this make them a Youth Icon of India? NO

As we talk earlier that the Youth Icon must ensure that their work has a meaningful and positive impact on the society, but celebrities formed by this so called fan culture make them so unachievable that what the work they’re doing is not make anyone suspicious. We are so obsessed with them that we want to become like them. Social Media is flooded with post regarding them. 

On the other hand, People in the same field are working tirelessly and making country proud but we Indians do not acknowledge them because there is no PR working behind them. There is no fan culture that make them so famous. They are the hidden gems.  

I don’t think that at the present time youth want to be told that what they should or shouldn’t do. They are quite capable to understand things happening around them. But all they should do to leave this follow and unfollow culture, stop to know the minute to minute updated about their favourite celebrity, and Instead of admiring the misleading personality, they should aware about them who is genuinely contributing towards the success and growth of the country as an individual. 

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Shubham Tripathi