Find the Joy Inside You Through These Eight Simple Daily Habits - by Rajasree M - CollectLo

Find the Joy Inside You Through These Eight Simple Daily Habits

Rajasree M - CollectLo

Rajasree M

Content Writer

3 min read . Sep 12 2023


Have you seen some people who are always happy and enthusiastic? Do you wonder how they can lead such a happy life? The key to our happiness is kept nowhere else but in our minds. We all live in a world with many miseries and worries, and sometimes we may also get indulged in them.

                           Still, it is possible to find joy even in our hectic life. It is also essential to be happy to face the various aspects of life. You can decide to be happy every day. Happiness is something that can be cultivated on purpose through the development of some daily routines.

Here are eight simple daily habits to bring more pleasure into your life.

1)Start the day with a smile

When waking up in the morning, smile at yourself and tell your mind, “I will do everything happily.” It needs only a few seconds, and you can have a great start to your day.

2)Pamper yourself

It would be best if you pampered not only children but also yourself. It can be done by cooking your favorite food, having a hot oil massage, having chocolate or ice cream that you loved to eat when you were a child, or any relaxing way to pamper your mind intentionally. All these need a little time, and it will give you a warm-up.

3) Spend some time with your dear ones

Do not forget to find time to spend with your friends, family, or anyone you love. Even if they are away from you, you can feel their presence through a phone call, video call, or text message. It will reduce anxiety and calm your mind.

4)Have some sunshine

Recent research revealed that an hour in the natural sunlight every morning and evening reduces stress and helps you sleep better as it regulates the level of melatonin in the body. Also, being in sunlight is one of the best ways to acquire vitamin D.

5)Get enough sleep

Good sleep in the night makes you happier the following day. Getting enough sleep will improve your brain performance, mood, and health.

6)Make Meditation a part of life

Spending ten minutes for Meditation in the early morning every day will definitely bring a positive change to your life. First, choose a quiet place and sit with your eyes closed for a few minutes. Whisper any prayer or positive quotes in your mind and distract your mind from all other thoughts. Even if you can spend only a little time on this, concentrate on the prayer you whisper in your mind. Spending even a few minutes in Meditation can help restore your calm and inner peace.

7) Avoid electronic media devices during bedtime

Recent studies show that using electronic devices and spending hours on social media are associated with sleeping disorders and mental problems. So, avoid looking at screens at least an hour before bed for better sleep.

8)Exercise gratitude

Every once in a while, you may worry that your life is lacking something crucial that would make you happier. Your life, however, is full of incredible opportunities and blessings if you take the time to look around. Set aside time daily to reflect on your gifts and record three of them in writing.