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Skills to Become a Salesforce Admin

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1 min read . Sep 09 2023


Ever had one of those moments when you look at your mother and realize how she does everything so beautifully and with such ease? Being a Salesforce Administrator is much like being a mother to your Salesforce team.

You’ll have to wear multiple hats! This little quality comes in handy even if you’re hiring a Salesforce

Admin or looking for some opportunities to work as one. As a Salesforce Admin, you’re going to handle setting the platform modifications, dealing with clients, organizing data, helping the team, and managing their respective workloads on the platform.

With all this expertise, let’s look at some of the other exceptional masterful skills a Salesforce Admin should have. Before reading further, keep in mind this list is just a guide – it’s not necessary to possess all the mentioned skills to land your first job in the Salesforce community or be a Salesforce Admin.

List of the 14 skills a successful Salesforce Admin should have:

1. Communication

2. Attention to detail

3. Problem Solving

4. User Management

5. Learner’s Mindset

6. Business Analysis

7. Security Management

8. Data Analysis

9. Data Management

10. Designer’s mindset

11. Project Management

12. Product Management

13. Process Automation

14. Change Management

Try your hands as a Salesforce Admin; having the above-written skills under your belt can be perfect

for you. If you have the zeal for working with clients and handling sales then go, go apply for that job right away and try to gain some of the skills listed above.

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