Story of king Brihadbala :- a tragic  tale of revenge and truth - by Divyansh Agarwal  - CollectLo

Story of king Brihadbala :- a tragic tale of revenge and truth

Divyansh Agarwal  - CollectLo

Divyansh Agarwal

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3 min read . Oct 16 2023



In the annals of history, there have been countless rulers and monarchs who have left a significant mark on their respective kingdoms and the world at large. One such ruler whose life story deserves recognition is King Brihadbala, a name that might not be as well-known as some of the famous kings of ancient India but is no less remarkable. His life was marked by courage, wisdom, and a sense of duty towards his people. 

 Early phase of king Brihadbala’s life:-

King Brihadbala was the king of Suryavamshma dynasty(Sun dynasty) who ruled around 900 B.C. (Dwaparyuga) on the lands of Ayodhya. His father was the king Subala. King Brihadbala is considered as 37th generation or descendant of kush (son of lord Ram). He is also referred to as ruler of Kingdom of Kosala in Mahabharat and is considered as the last king of Ishavaku clan in which lord Ram took birth during Tretayuga.

Brihadbala's journey to the throne was not an easy one. He ascended to power during a time of political instability and external threats. His father, King Subala, was indulged in a battle against the powerful Yadava ruler, Lord Krishna. Brihadbala inherited a weak  kingdom in bad state , surrounded by rival kingdoms and the ever-looming threat of the powerful Yadavas. King Brihadbala was very nice king and just like his ancestors can go to any heights to fulfil his words and promise. He was well versed in many fighting styles and was a powerful ruler of his time.

Now we will move forward to the main story of how he was connected to Mahabharat and what led to his revenge against Pandavas?

It was at that time when Pandavas were doing a Aswamedh yaghya and Pandav kumara Bhima was on his military campaigns and wars and was protecting Yaghya Ashwa  and at the time it  reached Ayodhya and king Brihadbala refused to free the captivated horse and to come under flagship or to rule under the flag of Pandavas and therefore their was a fierce full war fought between Bhima and Brihadbala resulting into a defeat to king Brihadbala and a win for Bhima   and therefore king Brihadbala made Pandavas his enemy.

It was also said in ancient scripts that King Brihadbala was strong and was solely capable enough to turn the results of Mahabharat.

So when the Battle of Kurukshetra ( Mahabharat)  was fought Between Pandavas and Kauravas their in order to take his revenge from Bhima and Pandavas King Brihadbala joined forces with Kauravas and fight alongside with them to defeat Pandavas. But when he got to know the truth from Lord Krishna that it is a war fought to reestablish piece and dharma he on receiving order from Lord Krishna he did not participate in the war with his full potential and at the 13th day of the war the King Brihadbala was fighting with the Abhimanyu (son of Arjun)and both were fighting with their full zest and zeal but  eventually King got  defeated and he met with his fate and the king dies (He attained divine Moksh) and later on at the end of that day Abhimanyu also dies in war. After the end of the war Pandavas made  Brihadbala’s son the king under their flag or to rule under their leadership.


The story of King Brihadbala teacher us to always follow the right path and to never loose sight of Dharma. It teaches us to always be gentle, good and to have compassion for our enemies as well. It tells us to always fight for the truth and to follow the path of spiritualism and devotion. It shows us the importance of courage, resilience and duty. The life of King Brihadbala is a epitome of the trials and tribulations that many rulers faced in ancient India.