The Unheard story about Govardhan Parvat- a truth and devotion.   - by Divyansh Agarwal  - CollectLo

The Unheard story about Govardhan Parvat- a truth and devotion.

Divyansh Agarwal  - CollectLo

Divyansh Agarwal

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3 min read . Oct 12 2023



India is a land of rich culture and diversity , mythology and spirituality, where legends and stories about gods have been passed down through generations.

One such interesting and religious tale is drawn from Lord Krishna's life journey. The story of Krishna lifting The Govardhan Parvat is touching story of love, care, compassion and trust. In this blog we will go through this enchanting tale and how Mount Govardhan is connected through Ramayana and Lord Hanuman back in tretayuga.

The Legend:-

The story of Lord Krishna and Govardhan Parvat is inscribed in various Hindu Scriptures and Manuscripts, noticeably most important elements in Bhagwat Purana .

The people of vrindavan were simple people mainly dependent on agriculture and cattle herding for their livelihood besides producing makkhan a dairy by product.People of vrindavan use to worship lord Indra- the god of rain, to make him happy and satisfy so that god will bless them by raining water so that it can be used for agricultural purposes and beautiful havest.However, young Krishna, who was wise beyond his years, suggested that instead of offering their prayers and offerings to Lord Indra, they should worship Govardhan Parvat. He explained that it was the mountain that provided them with fertile soil and lush pastures, making it the true source of their prosperity.

The day of the puja arrived, and the villagers offered their heartfelt prayers to Govardhan Parvat.  They were amazed at how the mountain seemed to respond to their worship, as the skies filled  with thunder and rain.

People worshiped mount Govardhan instead of lord Indra which made the god angry and God Indra  in return made the downpour of  rain continuously for weeks which caused the floods and thereby people were forced to evacuate and lord Krishna helped the people to withstand such massive downpour of rain and lord Krishna took the divine form   and showed his  leela and  with his little finger of right hand he lifted the entire mountain like a shelter where people of Vrindavan and their families and cattles and other animals took shelter and survived the rain. Lord Krishna stood their holding the mount Govardhan for seven days and saving his beloved Vrindavanwasis thereby making lord Indra realise his mistake breaking their ego and saving the people.

It is related to a incident when the King Sugreev and his Vanar sena under the leadership Of Lord Ram  were building Ramsetu to reach the Lanka- capital of Ravan. When all the vanars were collecting rocks and trees to build Ramsetu , Lord Hanuman was bringing the huge Mountain (Govardhan) from place not known to build Ramsetu as Govardhan Parvat was very huge and Hanuman promised Govardhan that he will be used in work of Lord ram and dharma and that lord Ram will touch him. But when the were on their way lord Hanuman received sightings and message that work of ramsetu was complete and as lord Ram ordered everyone to take resources from nature only in required amount and that when the work is complete all the vanars will come to them as they will head  towards  lanka immediately.

So lord Hanuman put the Govardhan Parvat on the midway(At present day Mahura, UTTAR PRADESH) and told the truth to Govardhan and promised that he will be used in the work of Lord and dharma and to keep the promise of his ananya Bhakt Lord Ram in Krishna Avtaar fulfilled the promise and touched the Govardhan Parvat and make people worship  Mount Govardhan and respected it.


This story is a timeless tale that continues to inspire and captivate the hearts of millions. It encourages us to have faith, respect nature, and embrace the care and compassion towards our families, people we are surrounded by and to care for the nature and of all respect what you have.